About Cellular Trail Cameras

Cellular Trail Cameras


Technology advancements aim at making it a task easier, better or offer an edge over a conventional method. Cellular trail cameras are no exception. They offer hunters and game watchers numerous benefits by allowing them to remotely check their trail camera’s video and pictures without having to enter the woods.

A cellular trail camera enables you to access your digital game camera videos and images, through a fro anywhere in the world through a GSM Network or through the WIFI Connection.

These cameras typically use a cellular data card and a cellular plan to transmit pictures to an FTP server, phone, email or even to a computer depending on what model and brand you purchase. You can quickly and easily view all the images and videos taken by you game camera wherever you have internet access via your computer, tablet or cell phone.


Spypoint 8MP 3G Game Camera with Cellular Photo Transmission

These game cameras use wireless or cellular technology to transmit data. Most camera models require the owner to create an account subscription or rather a cellular data plan where you will be charged a monthly fee to receive photos wirelessly from your camera.

Other models allow you to get your pictures by simply adding a line to your existing cell provider account. The pictures and videos are automatically sent to your email or cell phone through MMS via the GSM Network. There is no “Plan” or monthly subscriptions, and no websites to log on to.





• These cameras are perfect for security, scouting and surveillance anywhere there is available cellular network.

• Sends pictures wirelessly via WIFI and the GSM cellular network.

• Cameras are compatible with any network provider SIM cards

• Once you setup the camera, you do not have to go back to check your trail cameras to retrieve pictures, adjust camera settings, swap memory cards, or even to change batteries. Thus, you will save on gas and you will watch the game closely without spooking it or leaving your scent behind.

 • Checking your camera remotely enables to evaluate game movement and based on this movement, you can determine where to hunt thus increasing your chances for hunting success.




• Access to the images and videos from the camera is network dependent. In some remote areas, cellular service and WIFI connection may not be available. 

• There is and additional cost for using cellular services because you need to pay monthly subscription to continue accessing your camera pictures wirelessly. For those using WIFI equipment, there is an added cost of purchasing this equipment used to transmit your videos and pictures and back to your personal computer.



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