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Is It Worth Buying Cheap Trail Cameras?

Cheap trail cameras

Trail cameras have become an essential part of any serious hunter’s toolkit. If you’re just starting out, it may be tempting to go for one of the cheaper trail camera deals. No point spending more than you have to, right? Not exactly. We’ll give you three reasons why skimping on a camera is not the best idea.



Substandard Picture Quality

Bargain deals try to sway the consumer by advertising high megapixel counts. The higher the better; at least, that’s what they want you to believe. These cameras always come packaged with a low quality lens, which means no matter how many megapixels you get the resulting image will never be optimal.

What does this mean? You won’t get the detail that you require from your recording, which is exactly what makes the difference when you’re out hunting.


Decent Night Detection? Forget It

Cheaper trail cameras tend to offer awful night mode settings. Incandescent or IR flashes that are used to illuminate the area are actually some of the priciest bits of hardware in these devices, so it’s no surprise that manufacturers try and cut corners here. Unfortunately, it means that you can pretty much disregard a large proportion of the day as you won’t be able to see much of anything.



What About Battery Life?

This is one of the points where cheaper trail cameras really show their true worth. If you decide to go for a lower-end model, be prepared to visit the site often. These models will burn through battery power, sometimes requiring weekly replacements. On the other hand, the higher-end devices can last for months on end.



Final Word: Avoid Cheap Models!

You don’t need to go all out and spend on the best model in the business. Nevertheless, it is advisable to be prepared to invest in something that’s at least middle of the road. It will not only perform better and avoid the frustrating pitfalls of cheaper versions, but you will actually save money in the long run by requiring fewer model and battery replacements.




Cuddeback Attack IR 5MP Game Camera Review

The Cuddeback Attack IR 5MP Game Camera  produces clear and properly exposed images especially during the day. It is a pinnacle of game cameras with several high-performances features like 36 high-power IR LEDs that provides a real-60 foot flash range.

The camera produces sharp and centered pictures. It has an ultra-fast trigger speed which is fast enough to capture a deer running at twenty feet per second. This feature allows it to be used for scouting since it gives you a chance to capture an image of running deer clearly. This is enabled by three new features namely;

Cuddeback Attack IR 5MP Game Camera

Centered Subject Technology-That detects an animal and centers it within the frame.

Smart Color Image Technology- It makes the blue sky more bluish, the green color more vivid and the orange sunset more vibrant.

Image Enhancement Technology- It ensures that images are correctly exposed.




It takes both still images and video at the same time. It captures video clips of thirty seconds at a premium quality of 24 frames per second. The camera has a Genius Mount System that makes it mount conveniently on poles, straps and other objects.

You can attach the mounting bracket to your surface and slide the camera. You can go on and attach them with other brackets to a tree and leave them there for future use.



The Cuddeback Attack IR 5MP Game Camera has other modes and fundamentals that include Guard Duty Time Lapse Mode, a handy Test Mode, precise moon, sun information, a long battery life, an SD card slot and an internal memory of 60 MB. The camera will automatically take 5 images per minute during daylight hours in Guard Duty mode.

You can also monitor a stand site, food plot, or field for hours or days since no animal is required to trigger an image. The handy test mode makes it possible to aim your Attack IR by walking in front of the camera and testing its aim and identifying when it would take an image.



  • Long battery life
  • Its photos can be uploaded easily through USD port
  • It gives out good photos with high quality color



  • The mounting system can break easily hence important to use it carefully and ensure you have a proper system fit for your camera.
  • At times, the infrared fails to work unless the subject is quite close to the camera.
  • The sensor can fail easily due to temperature changes.


Cuddeback Attack IR 5MP Game Camera

Check Price and Customer Reviews Directly on



Buying A New Trail Camera

Covert Trail Camera


Looking to buy your first trail camera or just looking for a new one?It can fast become an overwhelming experience, especially if you are a novice hunter. With so many models available on the market and so many companies that promote their products all across the web, finding the right trail cameras for you could be quite daunting.

However, there are some things you need to know before buying one of these hunting pieces of equipment. The following guide will offer you some precious insights on choosing the perfect trail camera for your needs.



Picture Quality

This is probably one of the most important factors of a trail camera. Don’t judge a camera’s picture quality output by the number of megapixels it has. Look at the following factors instead: contrast, color, clarity and resolution. Many cameras that come with 8 megapixels offer lower quality pictures that cameras which have only 2 megapixels.

This is because many companies trick their customers by advertising the camera using more megapixels than they have in reality. Because night photos can be tricky, look for a camera that comes with an incandescent or white LED feature for colored Pictures.



Battery Life

Another important feature you need to take into consideration when looking to buy trail cameras is the battery life of the camera. While lithium batteries provide your camera with extended life, they are way more expensive than regular ones.

I recommend Nimh rechargeable batteries, because they are extremely affordable on the long run and also increase your battery life during the winter months, as they are not affected by cold.



Detection Circuit

Lastly, the detection circuit feature if of an utmost importance, because it is the one that detects the animals in front of it. Choose a camera that has a wide detection range and a low trigger time (less than 1 second would be perfect).

Hit the season equipped with the best trail camera out there and enjoy your hobby at a new level. Click here to check out our comparison of the most popular cameras!




What Impact does Deer Feeding have?

In the recent year deer feeding has gained more and more popularity especially in harsh winter. More and more people worry about the coping up of deer from winter. In that process they tend to forget that these animals have numerous natural adaptations which help them survive even the toughest conditions of winters.


deer feeding


These supplemental foods are basically a kind of management tool only in which deer are provided with notorious and healthy food in the situation of stress, adverse weather conditions or to trigger the biological process of the animal. 

It cannot be denied that people tend to feed these deer with good intention but in the end supplemental feeding of dears will have a negative impact on the natural habitat of deer as they will lose their natural wildness and skill to hunt for their own food.


There are various disadvantages of supplemental feeding of deer. As the winter arrives deer normally tend to migrate to their preferred areas with natural wintering habitat which can miles away. Short-stopped by the feeding these deer become potentially vulnerable to malnutrition due to the lack of right amount and type of food and as a result their migration is disrupted which is vital for their healthy survival.


deers feeding


As people think, supplemental feeding should give the deer the required strength to survive the severity of winter hence reducing the deer loss but in real the scenario doesn’t change.

This is because the major cause of deer loss in winter is predation not starvation. These supplements are no doubt a solution to starvation but still vigorous and healthy deer become the food of many predators. This way supplemental feeding doesn’t help in reducing deer loss during winter.


Supplemental feeding deer actually increases the predation as these animals gets crowded near the feeding source and becoming an easy and concentrated food option for predators. Sometimes these concentrated bunches of deer become the food of free roaming wild dogs especially when snow is deep and crusted. Since supplemental feeding of deer is done around a house or any area accessed by human there are chances of deer-vehicle collision.

If the source of feeding is near the well-traveled highway then the situation becomes worse for both humans as well as the deer. It is very common that significant numbers of deer are killed every year in the accident with motor vehicles. This can significantly reduce the deer population in that area and at the same time pose a threat for the human lives too.


If fed regularly these animals get used to the supplemental food reducing the intake of natural forage, vegetable and shrubbery which again will deprive them of many natural substances which are necessary for them, as every substance needed by their body can’t be included in their supplemental food, especially the one required in lesser percentage.

The risk of various bacterial diseases and parasitic transmission is can also not be neglected if these animals are around the human population. Lastly the structural and property damage can only be described as the collateral damage of bothering about these naturally capable beasts.



Trail Cameras and Supplemental Feeding

Deers On Game Camera

Trail cameras play a major role in scouting for game and offers huge benefits over conventional scouting methods. Determining how much game you have on your property or in a particular area is critical for proper management and hunting success. Trail cameras allow you effectively to do this from a distance leaving the game less disturbed.

Good quality game cameras will not only record videos and take pictures of the game that happen to wander by, but can also indicate the number, gender, size, and trophy quality of these animals. The more sophisticated game cameras can even show the date, location, time, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and the moon phase at the instant a picture was taken. With ability to collect this information you can have excellent data over the animals on your property.

With a trail camera, conducting a survey is not only cheap and easy but also can be fun.



Camera Placement

Trail cameras placement is a key factor while conducting a survey. Placing one trail camera per every 100 acres, and running a survey for 5 to 9 days or an extended period of 10 to14 days, can get you excellent results. The cameras need not be evenly placed.

One of the most strategic areas to place cameras is on trail intersection and most of these intersections are situated in transition zones to and from feeding and bedding areas. Other strategic areas to place cameras include primary feeding areas such as food plots, agricultural fields, and fruit trees.



Trail Cameras and Supplemental Feeding

Placing cameras on an established mineral site or bait is one of the most effective ways of producing quality game pictures in large quantities. Supplemental feeding can attract targeted game from long distances and will have the parade to take their photos taken like are on the red carpet at the Academy/Oscars Awards.

The more game traffic, the more pictures the camera can take and the more accurate your survey results will be. This is by far the most effective way of taking inventory of the game on your property on a particular area. Ensure you check the local regulations regarding the use of Supplemental Feeding before and/or during the hunting season.


You should then analyze the information you have gathered from your about your deer herd. Analyze antler growth potential and age structure. By analyzing photos taken and then taking a record of the numbers, you can calculate deer density, fawn-to-doe ratios, buck-to-doe ratios and deer per square mile and deer per acre. From this data you can establish which deer to hunt, where and when to hunt and the ones that will be spared.

Besides monitoring the game, trail cameras are thrilling to use. It is exciting to see what your hidden camera can capture. It could be anything – from a predator stealing your valuable deer’s supplemental feed to large buck you had no idea even know lived in the area, or a trespasser who is not even aware that he or she is being watched. Conducting a survey based on a reliable procedure will not only give you accurate results but will also ensure that you will have a successful hunting season.



About Cellular Trail Cameras

Cellular Trail Cameras


Technology advancements aim at making it a task easier, better or offer an edge over a conventional method. Cellular trail cameras are no exception. They offer hunters and game watchers numerous benefits by allowing them to remotely check their trail camera’s video and pictures without having to enter the woods.

A cellular trail camera enables you to access your digital game camera videos and images, through a fro anywhere in the world through a GSM Network or through the WIFI Connection.

These cameras typically use a cellular data card and a cellular plan to transmit pictures to an FTP server, phone, email or even to a computer depending on what model and brand you purchase. You can quickly and easily view all the images and videos taken by you game camera wherever you have internet access via your computer, tablet or cell phone.


Spypoint 8MP 3G Game Camera with Cellular Photo Transmission

These game cameras use wireless or cellular technology to transmit data. Most camera models require the owner to create an account subscription or rather a cellular data plan where you will be charged a monthly fee to receive photos wirelessly from your camera.

Other models allow you to get your pictures by simply adding a line to your existing cell provider account. The pictures and videos are automatically sent to your email or cell phone through MMS via the GSM Network. There is no “Plan” or monthly subscriptions, and no websites to log on to.





• These cameras are perfect for security, scouting and surveillance anywhere there is available cellular network.

• Sends pictures wirelessly via WIFI and the GSM cellular network.

• Cameras are compatible with any network provider SIM cards

• Once you setup the camera, you do not have to go back to check your trail cameras to retrieve pictures, adjust camera settings, swap memory cards, or even to change batteries. Thus, you will save on gas and you will watch the game closely without spooking it or leaving your scent behind.

 • Checking your camera remotely enables to evaluate game movement and based on this movement, you can determine where to hunt thus increasing your chances for hunting success.




• Access to the images and videos from the camera is network dependent. In some remote areas, cellular service and WIFI connection may not be available. 

• There is and additional cost for using cellular services because you need to pay monthly subscription to continue accessing your camera pictures wirelessly. For those using WIFI equipment, there is an added cost of purchasing this equipment used to transmit your videos and pictures and back to your personal computer.




Moultrie M-990i 10MP Review

Finding a good game camera to capture wildlife can be a daunting task. It can take a lot of price searching and research  to find a suitable  camera in the current market flooded with poor quality cameras.

You do not need to search any further, the10MP Moultrie M-990i Game Spy Camera is a feature rich camera that will enhance your hunting and game watching experience and make your friends jealous as well!


Moultrie M-990i 10MP No Glow Infrared Mini Game Camera

The infrared No Glow Mini 10MP Moultrie M-990i Game Camera shoots large photos with a fast response time and provides an easy and convenient way to bring out the nature at its best. It delivers crisp, HD 10MP photos and high definition video with audio capabilities to enable you to capture the nature’s full experience in quality sound and great Picture.

This camera has FastFire shooting mode that can take up to four pictures every second and has a trigger speed of a fraction of a second. The No Glow technology or the infrared flash is undetectable to the eye or rather the flash light is hardly seen or detected by game and also prolongs the flash’s duration without compromising quality.

This camera is unique in the sense that it has a 70ft night time range which allows taking of quality game pictures from a distance. This is an impressive range for a trail camera because most game cameras cannot shoot good pictures from this range.


Moultrie M-990i 10MP


This camera is able to detect, focus and take quality pictures from a distance because it uses night motion sensor to detect and create a clear image through its lens. The infrared flash works with its Illumi Night-time sensor to produce clearer and brighter nighttime images.

It also has a Motion Freeze feature that reduces the night-time blur. It has four operational modes which include: IR triggered plot mode, plot camera mode and motion detect mode at night, Time-lapse plot mode, and day and night HD 720p video. The time lapse plot mode allows you to monitor activity during the day and take game pictures when wildlife is most active.

You can easily see images and photos on the built-in 2″ LCD, 16:9 wide viewing screen. Its digital 3X-zoom function enables you to take a closer look and capture high resolution images.

When you capture an image with this camera, it also records the moon phase, temperature, date time, and barometric pressure, so you can have accurate information about when the picture or the video was taken. Its memory or SD card slot supports up to 32GB card. Moreover, to enhance security the camera is password protected.



Key Features

• No Glow infrared 10.0 megapixel mini cam

• Features as strap loop that comes with Python cable compatibility

• A trigger speed of a fraction of a second

• Features camouflage

• A night range of Up to 70-ft

• 8 AA batteriesthat can take up to 9,500 images

• 4 operational modes

• Memory card or SD slot (supports up to 32GB)

• Illumi Night sensor provides and bright, nighttime images

• Password protected

• Its Motion Freeze feature reduces night time blur

• 16:9 wide video and images viewing screen

• Barometric pressure, temperature, camera ID stamp, moon phase, date and time

• 1 to 60 minute, 5/15/30 seconds picture delay

• High Defination video with sound capabilities

•In built2″ LCD viewing screen

• FastFire Continuous Shooting (up to 4 pics/sec)

• Multi-Shot (of up to 3 pics)


Moultrie M-990i 10MP

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7 Trail Camera Tips

trail camera tips

With trail cameras getting more affordable each year, almost any hunter can now own a trail camera, but not every hunter knows how to use these cameras efficiently. Here are some trail camera tips for lethal performance.



Tip 1: Be Discreet

Daily intrusion into the hunting grounds or the grounds under surveillance tells the game more about the hunters and camera owners than those hunters will ever learn about their game through photos and videos they take. A trail camera should be placed in a transitional discreet area where its easy to enter and leave without being detected by the game and other human beings.

Moreover, avoid visiting the surveillance area often; do not leave human odor by touching the camera components with bare hands and even better, use a scent-blocking spray on your camera unit.



Tip 2: Mount the Camera Higher

Mount the camera at a height of about 24 to 40 inches. If you mount at a low height, small game like squirrels, birds, rabbits, rats, snakes even mice will trigger the camera. Moreover, the camera may be prone to damage by large animals and theft by human beings. At a good height the small game/rodents will not trigger the camera.



Tip 3: Distance is also very important

Be aware of your cameras the sensor distance capability so that you can place your camera within a suitable range. Too far or too close will result in missed pictures or capture parts of the animals. 10 to 20 feet is the ideal distance to place most cameras which will allow you to take perfect shots.



Tip 4: Angle camera to trail

You should hang your camera at an angle of 45° to the trail. This significantly increases the trigger response time allowing you to take better and clearer shots. On the other hand, if you hang the camera perpendicular to the trail, the trigger response time may delay for a second or two which may result in a partial shot or even worse a missed shot.



Tip 5: Place Camera South Of The Targeted Area

In other words, point the camera to the North. This avoids sun glare that can trigger your camera even in absence of game. It will also prevent exposure blow-out due to the suns strong backlight.

The sun will ruin west and east shots at least once a day, while a north placement will be exposed to the sun throughout the day. Placing the camera to the south guarantees that the quality of the game photos will not be affected by the suns glare.



Tip 6: Remove All Obstructions

Remove all obstructions such as twigs, leaves and branches that are close to the camera because they can block the camera’s view or can trigger the device when blown by wind.



Tip 7: Protect Your Property

You must accept that any trail camera is at risk of being stolen and all you can do is to try to minimize the likelihood of it being stolen. Avoid hanging the in an obvious location such as close to a road or next to a feeder. Consider hanging them in a less obvious location such as higher in trees.

You can as well use other theft deterrents techniques such as security cables, security boxes, passwords camouflage and more.

Check out our Buyers Guide for more tips and trix.




Which Trail Camera Brand Is The Best?

Success on every hunt depends on the hunter’s knowledge on the habits and movements of the targeted game. There are various trail cameras which will do exactly this for you which include:

Bushnell Trail Cameras                    

Bushnell Trail Cameras are renowned for their lightning trigger speed and one-year battery life. With year in, year out of advancing their cameras technology, Bushnell Trail Cameras towered over the industry since its first camera was unveiled.

Bushnell Digital Trail Cameras are discreet, compact, take photos during the day and night as well and feature a huge battery life. Its weatherproof design protects it from the nature elements while other security features such as security cable, tree bracket, padlock and the security case protects it from animal and human interference.

Guided by their relentless drive to deliver the most advanced and reliable cameras, Bushnell is taking a step farther in the new 2015 models. Freeze Frame Shutter, Hybrid Capture Mode, Hyper PIR, Field Scan 2x return and True HD video are just a few new features you will be seeing this year. These cameras will also come with spectacular video capture technology and NatureView Cam HD to provide close focus capabilities to nature lovers.



Features that are included in some of Bushnell cams

• Capability of capturing 720p HD video with sound.

• Hyper Night-Vision: which ensures you have the sharpest night imagery.

• Auto PIR: This is a new in built temperature sensor system that automatically regulates the infrared sensor for optimum performance in all conditions.

• Widescreen: Now in 4:3 format and 16:9 format.

• Multi Flash Mode which allows users to adjust flash power in various setups to save battery power.

• GPS Geotag: The cams come with automatically embed GPS coordinates to make camera placement and tracking game movement simple.

• Field Scan 2x: These cameras comes with a time-lapse technology that automatically takes photos at predetermined intervals of between one minute to one hour, within the time period of your choice. The cameras also come with two time slots to allow users to monitor the game 24/7 time. These cameras provide the widest viewing area possible because they are not triggered by game and unlike the rest of time-lapse cameras; its instantaneous live trigger take images of anything that comes close by.


Bushnell Trail Cameras incorporate great scouting technology and produce images at a great value proving why these cameras are renowned as the wood’s hardest-working game cameras.

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Spypoint Trail Camera           

The SpyPoint Trail Cameras are manufactured by GG Telecom a Canadian based company that specializes in manufacture and design of monitoring systems. Spypoint Trail Cameras are high quality motion activated digital surveillance or trail cameras used mainly for game surveillance and security applications.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast or a hunter, you might need to consider purchasing a Spy Point game camera. They are among the best game cameras currently available in the market and are more pocket friendly than other trail cameras. The Spy Point Trail Cameras are perfect for use in the wild to track animals, monitor food plots, and more. They are very compact and easy to handle. They feature nighttime illumination, take both colored and black and white pictures, dates the pictures and have an automatic print.

These trail digital cameras are housed in a secure leak-proof covering and come with infra-red LED’s for movement detection and illumination while taking pictures during the night. Unlike other digital camera brands, Spypoint cameras use a twin detection technology to automatically detect and take snap shots of the animals. The twin technology involves motion detection and thermal detection so as to differentiate between motions caused by living and non living things.

If you are looking for the best trail camera, then look no further than Spypoint Trail Camera. It is best at capturing animals in their natural habitat.

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Reconyx Trail Camera    

Since 2002, Reconyx has been in the industry of designing, manufacturing and selling digital infrared trail cameras. Due to their effectiveness and quality, Reconyx Trail Cameras have become the benchmark that all other trail cameras are judged by. With the release of its latest HyperFire Series, Reconyx has raised the bar of High Performance Trail Cameras.

Although these cameras do not have video capture capabilities, they can snap up to 2 photos per second, enabling behavior and motion and analysis, at the same time allowing close inspection of individual frames. It is simple to operate and easy to set up and adjust the settings as well. Users only have to work with four buttons, including the On / Off buttons thus, even individuals who never used the camera before can operate it. It is also small.

Its sensitivity is unmatched as is its battery life and camera speed. You will hardly find any other brand that comes close to the sensitivity and trigger speed of the Reconyx Trail Cameras. Thus, it will quickly detect and take a snap shot when the game passes nearby. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the batteries; these cameras can go a year round without the need for battery replacement. They also do not show and any signs of wear and tear even after a long period of service.

Reconyx Trail Cameras are among the best game and trail cameras brands. Regularly receiving rave positive reviews, Reconyx Trail Camera are cameras to choose where when the demands on the camera are high.

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Moultrie Trail Camera       

Moultrie Trail Cameras come with everything a hunter needs to not only capture the hunt but also to boost his scouting experience. Moultrie offers a trail camera for all types of game management programs at a reasonable price.

Moultrie’s no flash infrared trail cameras give hunters and game watchers looking to monitor an area without alarming the game the ultimate outdoor surveillance experience. Each of these cameras offers rapid response time and comes with and easy to use menu driven LCD display and a tough water resistant casing

There’s a Moultrie Game Camera for your every need and budget, with Moultrie’s Trail Spy white flash trail cameras being a suitable scouting tool for hunters and game watchers while the I-65S, I-65, I-45S, I-45 and I-35 are allows you to stream images from the camera directly to your computer using the Game Spy Management System. This saves you time from regularly visiting the site to retrieve the photos and gives you an opportunity to see what’s out there without leaving your scent behind that may scare animals off.

From the traditional white flash digital game cameras to no flash infrared scouting cameras, you will not sacrifice long battery life or fast response time. Moultrie’s series of trail cameras will make your scouting experience exiting and much easier.

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Also check out our Buyer’s Guide for more useful tips and trix!