Which Trail Camera Brand Is The Best?

Success on every hunt depends on the hunter’s knowledge on the habits and movements of the targeted game. There are various trail cameras which will do exactly this for you which include:

Bushnell Trail Cameras                    

Bushnell Trail Cameras are renowned for their lightning trigger speed and one-year battery life. With year in, year out of advancing their cameras technology, Bushnell Trail Cameras towered over the industry since its first camera was unveiled.

Bushnell Digital Trail Cameras are discreet, compact, take photos during the day and night as well and feature a huge battery life. Its weatherproof design protects it from the nature elements while other security features such as security cable, tree bracket, padlock and the security case protects it from animal and human interference.

Guided by their relentless drive to deliver the most advanced and reliable cameras, Bushnell is taking a step farther in the new 2015 models. Freeze Frame Shutter, Hybrid Capture Mode, Hyper PIR, Field Scan 2x return and True HD video are just a few new features you will be seeing this year. These cameras will also come with spectacular video capture technology and NatureView Cam HD to provide close focus capabilities to nature lovers.



Features that are included in some of Bushnell cams

• Capability of capturing 720p HD video with sound.

• Hyper Night-Vision: which ensures you have the sharpest night imagery.

• Auto PIR: This is a new in built temperature sensor system that automatically regulates the infrared sensor for optimum performance in all conditions.

• Widescreen: Now in 4:3 format and 16:9 format.

• Multi Flash Mode which allows users to adjust flash power in various setups to save battery power.

• GPS Geotag: The cams come with automatically embed GPS coordinates to make camera placement and tracking game movement simple.

• Field Scan 2x: These cameras comes with a time-lapse technology that automatically takes photos at predetermined intervals of between one minute to one hour, within the time period of your choice. The cameras also come with two time slots to allow users to monitor the game 24/7 time. These cameras provide the widest viewing area possible because they are not triggered by game and unlike the rest of time-lapse cameras; its instantaneous live trigger take images of anything that comes close by.


Bushnell Trail Cameras incorporate great scouting technology and produce images at a great value proving why these cameras are renowned as the wood’s hardest-working game cameras.

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Spypoint Trail Camera           

The SpyPoint Trail Cameras are manufactured by GG Telecom a Canadian based company that specializes in manufacture and design of monitoring systems. Spypoint Trail Cameras are high quality motion activated digital surveillance or trail cameras used mainly for game surveillance and security applications.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast or a hunter, you might need to consider purchasing a Spy Point game camera. They are among the best game cameras currently available in the market and are more pocket friendly than other trail cameras. The Spy Point Trail Cameras are perfect for use in the wild to track animals, monitor food plots, and more. They are very compact and easy to handle. They feature nighttime illumination, take both colored and black and white pictures, dates the pictures and have an automatic print.

These trail digital cameras are housed in a secure leak-proof covering and come with infra-red LED’s for movement detection and illumination while taking pictures during the night. Unlike other digital camera brands, Spypoint cameras use a twin detection technology to automatically detect and take snap shots of the animals. The twin technology involves motion detection and thermal detection so as to differentiate between motions caused by living and non living things.

If you are looking for the best trail camera, then look no further than Spypoint Trail Camera. It is best at capturing animals in their natural habitat.

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Reconyx Trail Camera    

Since 2002, Reconyx has been in the industry of designing, manufacturing and selling digital infrared trail cameras. Due to their effectiveness and quality, Reconyx Trail Cameras have become the benchmark that all other trail cameras are judged by. With the release of its latest HyperFire Series, Reconyx has raised the bar of High Performance Trail Cameras.

Although these cameras do not have video capture capabilities, they can snap up to 2 photos per second, enabling behavior and motion and analysis, at the same time allowing close inspection of individual frames. It is simple to operate and easy to set up and adjust the settings as well. Users only have to work with four buttons, including the On / Off buttons thus, even individuals who never used the camera before can operate it. It is also small.

Its sensitivity is unmatched as is its battery life and camera speed. You will hardly find any other brand that comes close to the sensitivity and trigger speed of the Reconyx Trail Cameras. Thus, it will quickly detect and take a snap shot when the game passes nearby. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the batteries; these cameras can go a year round without the need for battery replacement. They also do not show and any signs of wear and tear even after a long period of service.

Reconyx Trail Cameras are among the best game and trail cameras brands. Regularly receiving rave positive reviews, Reconyx Trail Camera are cameras to choose where when the demands on the camera are high.

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Moultrie Trail Camera       

Moultrie Trail Cameras come with everything a hunter needs to not only capture the hunt but also to boost his scouting experience. Moultrie offers a trail camera for all types of game management programs at a reasonable price.

Moultrie’s no flash infrared trail cameras give hunters and game watchers looking to monitor an area without alarming the game the ultimate outdoor surveillance experience. Each of these cameras offers rapid response time and comes with and easy to use menu driven LCD display and a tough water resistant casing

There’s a Moultrie Game Camera for your every need and budget, with Moultrie’s Trail Spy white flash trail cameras being a suitable scouting tool for hunters and game watchers while the I-65S, I-65, I-45S, I-45 and I-35 are allows you to stream images from the camera directly to your computer using the Game Spy Management System. This saves you time from regularly visiting the site to retrieve the photos and gives you an opportunity to see what’s out there without leaving your scent behind that may scare animals off.

From the traditional white flash digital game cameras to no flash infrared scouting cameras, you will not sacrifice long battery life or fast response time. Moultrie’s series of trail cameras will make your scouting experience exiting and much easier.

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